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Monday, March 12, 2007

#?. The Fuel of slaves
Part 1

What makes us tick.

Essays on a life of P.E.
March 1, 2007
by shadow

i write a lot of bits and pieces for our local area chat list, and this was one of them.

i ran across this thought:

"Pleasing a Dom can incorporate vanilla stuff like cooking them a lavish meal or waiting on them hand and foot, but it can exist on a much deeper level: it can mean obeying them simply for the sake of obedience. It is not simply a matter of enjoying being told what to do-- there are some subs who like that but who are uninterested in the other aspects of total submission and surrender. It is a state in which your obedience is a source of pride and pleasure for yourself and your Dom. It is going beyond the mode of "How can I serve you now?" and into the realm of "My obedience to you matters more to me than anything else; you can test it all you want, and I will prove it to you again and again and again, because I am your slave and that is who I want to be."

This rings really true for me, because PLEASING Him, reflecting HIS will, and being able to NOT QUESTION and just *know* that things are OK, that whatever it looks like, or sounds like, i do what He says and He's steering the ship makes me wet and warm and happy and calm and peaceful.

A lot of folks that don't GET M/s probably don't understand that.... and cannot get past the free will, independent person aspect. i know some probably cannot for the life of them GRAB HOLD of the idea that no matter how much i might WANT something, need something, etc., i don't want anything enough to undermine (well, TRY to ) this stronger relationship. And the 1 or 2 times i HAVE tried, i was greatful that it didn't work- if it had, i would have known it was time to end it and move on....

Having a relationship that i CANNOT for all the tea in china undermine or steer is vital. MOST of the slaves i know feel that way-- the moment that they thought they could get away with anything, get around something, run things, be in control, or in any way "get over", they wouldn't WANT to be there! What's the point of being the slave to a Master if you are more in control that HE is?????

The bit that feeds us is not the role, not the way the collar feels, not the kewl jewlry or the special boxed CD sets that only true slaves can order at, it's the feeling in the head that we get when we find a partner that knows us, that wants us, that takes care of things and is *running* us, the world, our lives, our hearts.

It's knowing that we will screw up every now and then, pay the price, and learn- but that Owners will go beyond the pale to NOT screw up, to THINK things through all the way, and that they have the experience in life to make the right choices.... which gives us freedom. Freedom to serve unilaterally, without reservation, without thought, without fear, without needing to "re evaluate" the orders in case of a problem, to not have to second guess someone or constantly cover our asses.
Yes-- if by some occassional chance we happen to notice something overlooked, we SHOULD speak (if we are told to), but it is not the norm.

The norm is knowing that when they say jump, you are already out of the chair before they finish expressing the "p". Obedience is a sexy thing all it's own- and a powerful erotic pull many in M/s have in their genes.

Strong Eagle's shadow

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