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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

#1. Pack Mules, Boy Scouts, and Bottoms
What to Carry in that Bag- and how to Carry it off in Style.

Essays on a life of P.E.
July 30th, 2003
by shadow

On line chats with real players bring about the most wonderful revelations, insights, and learning opportunities in scene, even about the most simple or obvious things.
Unless you only play at home, you probably have a toy bag to transport your goodies. A vast majority of the Tops have a toy bag for their array of playthings, from needle kits to whips and floggers, bondage gear to wax.
Bottoms often have their own toy bags as well, especially those that are not partnered. Having the flogger or crop that one loves to feel is a good thing to offer a new partner, as well as a bottom keeping their own set of personal insertable toys to play safe and feel safe.
Beyond that, however, are many other items bottoms and subs, property and slaves, partnered and single people carry. Not a toy bag- but the personal bag of items to make a play date or a weekend wonderful, anyone who is on the giving end of a Power Exchange might want to carry a few of the things mentioned below.
Often, there are *two* bags- the permanent collection of items to be used WHILE playing, and the revolving collection for after play. Deciding how to divvy up the bags is up to you.
First, a blanket or after care cover is always helpful. They can be used to cover the equipment (benches or tables) during play, and wrap you warm and safe for after care time.
Some folks carry a *second cover* made of plastic (shower curtain, drop cloth) to cover areas during wax and blood play, as well as to use between them and anything they plan to touch or play on. Towels- at least one big one- might be a good idea as well if you tend to play messy.
Many bottoms have all their personal sex toys, vibrators, and extra safe sex supplies like dental dams, condoms, larger female condoms (which fit surprisingly well over the magical Mr. Hitachi), packets and tubes of lube (tubes for outside, packets for insertions that need to be sterile).
Wet wipes. Sometimes a person just needs a little extra clean up and a bathroom is not always available.
Gags are another very personal thing and most bottoms have at least one that is both comfortable for them to wear for a long time and adjustable. Gags collect spit so having your own is highly desirable.
Duplicates of all medications you normally take. Not only are you never without the medicine you need, but you can show a partner the actual items if they want to know about your medical history or what over the counter items you are currently using. Inhalers are quite common in scene, as is anti-inflammatories and antihistamines, for making sure you keep nasal passages clear while playing.
Tooth supplies, breath freshener, mints, breath strips- all important for feeling fresh and clean.
Make-up set and brush. After playing, many tops might LOVE to see you "well used", but eventually you are going to want to look less like like a wench and pass for normal. Keep make-up remover in there too for cleaning up the "play face" before you re-apply a new one.
Extra glasses or contacts and all their cleaning supplies.
Hair clips to get long hair out of the way.
Small bags for nylons and jewelry... nothing like having good nylons get ruined in the piles of stuff, or losing an earing at the bottom of your play bag.
A can or 2 of your fave drink, and a bag of munchies for after play is essential. Not all the food available might be to your taste, and if you play late, the food and drinks might be *gone*.
A first aid kit for yourself. Many people are mildly allergic to latex and other items, so having things you know work for you is good. Accidents happen. Carry supplies.
Flashlight. Great for hunting through the bag at a dungeon, they also give more security when walking back to your car late at night. They are both a beacon and a weapon of defense.
A copy of your limits list. Not only might *you* forget something important while negotiating with someone, but even the best Dominant Master has a night when He would like to reference a list and remind himself of something. Owned or single, partnered or poly, having a set of your limits, your needs, and your *physical limitations*(which should also be in your limits list- permanent injuries and weak places in your body need to be mentioned) is important. No Top will ever ridicule a partner for being cautious or always prepared.
Money. Make sure you have some hidden in your play bag. You never know when you might need a little extra cash, and more than once a purse has been lost or left behind and having toll fare is a good thing.
Duplicate house and car keys.
After play change of clothes and shoes. While it may be wonderful to walk into that party in a bustier and 6"FM's, trying to put them back on after 4 hours of play is a bummer. Soft clothes, warm things, and flat shoes should always be included. You never know when everyone will want to go to Dennys and eat at 4 am. One lady in scene brings pajamas and slippers to change right into as she often goes directly home from the dungeon. That way she can walk right in and go to bed.
DM kit if you work regularly at parties. If you have safety scissors in that kit, so much the better.
Your case itself should also be user friendly. Buy one not only for ease of transport (the current trend in BDSM is the rolling stock trunks with retractable handles), but that you can FIND. While it may be "chic" to have all black and sexy looking luggage, a pile of bags is a pile of bags. Pick something that will stand out without being garish. Brocades are lovely for women, and men can find a variety of textures and colors that are stylish but easy to pick out in the dark.
Lastly, have a little extra space somewhere. Sometimes your partner might want YOU to carry a few things of THEIRS as well.
Good luck, play safe, and have fun.

In bondage,
copyright 7-30-03 by shadow, all rights reserved.
This document may be reposted and reprinted only in it's entirety including copyright and author contact **WITH PERMISSION from the AUTHOR**. (i like to know where my stuff is being reprinted). Failure to abide by the laws of common decency will result in inhuman revenge. Ask around. i can do that. It will be painful.


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